Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Looking for Coupons?

A few weeks ago I received an email asking me if I would write a review for a coupon website. I was excited by the opportunity, especially since I was offered a modest fee to do so. So I said yes! Then I got to thinking. What if I didn’t like the site? I was told that I could write an unbiased review but I really would feel horrible taking money from a company I had just bashed on my blog…
Thank goodness it ended up being an amazing site. The site I’m talking about is I tell you I wish I heard about this site when I was Christmas shopping.
Let me take you back to early December. I chose to do most of my Christmas shopping online because shopping with a baby is difficult and I just don’t like shopping when the stores are so crowded. For several evenings I would sit at my computer picking out my items and since we had a tight Christmas budget I would try to find an online coupon for each purchase. The process of finding coupons took just as long as the shopping did. I searched Google and found myself having to check several different websites to find the best deal. I’d find a coupon write down the code, move to the next website and so on. It was frustrating. 

The hunt is now over because on I can search for a store and all the coupons available will be displayed on one screen. No more moving from site to site making it a great timesaver.
The site is incredibly easy to use and very fun to look at and navigate through. They have thousands of stores in their database so anyone will be able to find an online coupon that works for them. I was very excited to find Amazon, Babies R Us, Bestbuy, Staples, Eastbay and, I shop online with these stores on a monthly bases. I also found new stores in their database that I had never shopped with before and I’m excited to begin making purchases with them. 

Keeping up on the most current coupons uploaded to the site is also very easy, you are able to join the site, follow their blog, “Like” them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. I choose Twitter and I now receive lots of great coupon deals daily.

Two other amazing features are the Pays to Share program where you can get paid 2% from the total of purchases people made just by using a coupon you uploaded to the site and the Coupons 4 Causes program where 20% of your purchases using online coupons will go to your favorite charity. I’m planning to add our churches Youth and Young Ministry program to the list of charities. 
So for a one stop coupon shop for your online shopping chose You will not be disappointed. 
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