Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sacramental Series: The Crucifix

In this week's sacramental series we are looking at adding The Crucifix into your home. If you missed Monday's podcast please check it out here.

I found three fun activities you can use with your family to bring the beauty of the Crucifix into your families faith journey.

On the blog Do Small Things With Love, Nancy shares a beautiful Painted Crucifix created by little two year old Gus. On another post she also shares a Watercolor picture you can created using the Christ printable she had available for download.

Finally on Catholic Icing, Lacy has a printable so you and you kids can make a toilet paper roll Crucifix.

I hope and your family enjoy these fun activities, please feel free to share how you are bringing the beauty of the Crucifix into your families life.

Until next time,

Monday, August 11, 2014

Episode 23: Sacramental Series Part 3: The Crucifix

This week's happenings -
School has ended for the semester -  now just wait for grades
Jacob is back in school!!!

Topic for the week: Adding the Crucifix in your home
Difference between a cross and a Crucifix
Why Catholic's venerate the Crucifix

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Segment Song - The Little Princess
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Day at the de Young

Before Jacob headed back to school we took a day to take in the art at the de Young Museum. The de Young is located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Directly across the street from my favorite place The Academy of Sciences. I shared our recent adventure there in my 7 Quick Takes #9 blog post.

This was the first time we have visited the de Young. Art museums are not usually our first choice of places to go but we decide to take a leap into the pool of Art culture and actually found that we enjoyed ourselves very much. 

I gave Jacob the camera and as always he took some wonderful pictures even with the inability to use a flash. 

We each had some favorite pieces, including the statue of the man with his hands on his hips (located bottom left in 1st collage), the wooden waterfall (located bottom right in the 2nd collage) and the still life exhibits. 
Currently the museum is hosting an exhibit called Modernism. Both Jacob and I enjoy it but I have to admit that a few of the pieces we thought looked like something Alexa could have created in preschool. I'm sure with continued study on the subject we would be able to understand what made each artist tick and see the true meaning of their paintings. 

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Episode 22 - Feast Day Celebrations in August

Topic for the week: Feast Days in August

4 - St. John Vianney -  Priest peg dolls from Catholic Icing  

6 - The Transfiguration - Craft from  Catholic Inspired 

8 - St. Dominic 

11 - St. Clare - Monstrance Craft from Catholic Icing

14 - St. Maximilian Kolbe - Various ideas from Look To Him and Be Radiant

15 - The Assumption of Blessed Mother -Centerpiece from Catholic Inspire

22 - The Queenship of Mary - Sculpt a crown idea from Catholic Inspired: / Craft from Catholic Icing

23- St. Rose of Lima - Various ideas from Catholic Icing  

27 - St. Monica

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Opening Song - Logzang op de Tuinkabouter
Segment Song - The Little Princess
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sacramental Series: Candles

On Monday's podcast I introduced the use of candles as a sacramental to bring into your home.You can enjoy the podcast here.

Today I'd like to share a few ideas I've found to further bring candles into your family's faith journey.

I have found two printables that you can use to remind you of the importance of candles in your prayer life.

Matthew at A Catholic Life wrote an article sharing the history of candles in our Catholic faith.

Finally I think children enjoy an activity when they are immersed in it from the start, so I propose this. - Have your kids make their own prayer candles. With a jar, some crayons and a wick yourchildren can be colorfully represented on your family's prayer table. I have found 2 ways to make them - No Time For Flashcards  uses an ordinary jar to make a fun rainbow candle and Handimania shows you how to create some fun 3 color block votive candles.

How will you and your family add candles in your faith journey? Leave a thought in the comments section.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Episode 21: Sacramental Series Part 2: Catholic and Candles

Welcome to the continuation of my series on Sacramentals

This week's happenings - Surprisingly a quiet week for us - Not much happening 

Last week's show - Last week I began my series on Sacramentals - check out the podcast and the supplemental blog post on Blessed Salt and Holy Water

Topic for the week: Candles
1. What does a candle signify   
2. How do we use candles in our home: 

Link shared in this podcast

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Segment Song - The Little Princess
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sacramental Series: Blessed Salt and Holy Water

Welcome to the first blog post in my series on Sacramentals. For the next few weeks, then twice a month for the rest of the year, I will focus on a particular sacramental and how you can bring it into your family's life. On Mondays I will post a podcast introducing that weeks sacramental, then later in the week I will post a follow up blog post, highlighting ideas I have found from some amazing Catholic bloggers and even some of my own ideas.

This weeks sacramentals are Blessed Salt and Holy Water. If you missed Monday's podcast you can find it here.

My continued quest to find more ideas brought me two more articles. From the blog - From My Catholic Perspective. Here Kari writes of her experience blessing her home with Holy Water and Blessed Salt. On the Totus Tuss Family & Catholic Homeschool Blog, Allison shares the Holy Water fonts in her home and gives a wonderful teaching on the subject.

I found a couple of crafts you can do for Holy Water that would be fun for the whole family.

From one of my favorite blogs, Catholic Icing, Lacy posted the cutest holy water bottle necklaces.
Holy Water Bottle Necklaces
My search also took me to the blog Cottage Blessings where Alice shared her group of crafters making Holy Water fonts. 
from the blog Cottage Blessings

Both of these crafts are great because you can trailer them to your family's personality. For example if your family has a family patron saint wouldn't making a Holy Water font using their prayer card or picture be wonderful. If your curious to know more about Choosing a Family Patron, listen to the podcast episode 18

How will you bring blessed salt and holy water into your domestic church? Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments section.

Next up in the series: Candles

Until next time,

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